My philosophy of dance training parallels my viewpoint toward preparation in all performing arts; they all require a classical foundation. Without it, well, don’t quit your day job. Besides, if one is passionate about their art, they will have a thirst for learning every aspect of it--and it will show in their performance. Study in the classics not only builds a strong foundation but allows students a strength that will show in an audition. And if your classical technique is strong, there is a place for you in the competitive field of the performing arts.

This viewpoint led me in opening a 6000 square foot conservatory in Southern California with four departments: dance, music, drama, and voice. Within the studio, I had a small venue to house concerts from each of those disciplines. I also gave a multi-media recital annually. Casting agents and nearby talent agencies were formally invited to these showings and many times would sign the students that same evening. I would think that this philosophy applies to any profession that requires technical skill.

MJS Movement Choreology