My approach is to customize a program designed to accomplish individual objectives, and together we apply that program to your body. Then you can say to your friends, “I’m in training.” I think everyone should be in training every day for the rest of their life. This maintenance will keep one’s body working at or close to its full potential. It just makes sense that a person would want to go through life with as few aches and pains as possible. By understanding the basic principles of ballet, an individual can jump higher, run faster, streamline movements, or just plain feel better. It’s all about refining what one has by educating themselves physically.

In the past, I have privately trained football players, track and field athletes, actors, opera singers, body builders, dancers, ice skaters, the elderly, and the handicapped to improve their ability to accomplish their kinesthetic objectives. By first simply understanding your instrument and its abilities, anyone can learn to control their physical performance.